Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi Everyone.  One of the reasons why this blog was created is to encourage interactions between all ISKANDARIANs irregardless of whether you are a registered member of the association or not.  We encourage young and old to intermingle and explore opportunities to re-connect, be it for social networking, economic activities or academic enhancement. 

We know that they are many of you out there organizing your own class re-union. We are proud to know that the spirit of togetherness brought about by our common experience schooling at Iskandar Shah, Parit is still very strong. Your are welcome to post your photos or write up about your gathering in this blog so that other ISKANDARIANs can see them. If you wish to post here just a link to your website or FB pages you can do that too. Just drop us a line.

For many of us, old memories can rekindle all kinds of feelings.  And if it is the feeling of gratitude towards our beloved Alma mater, Iskandar Shah and her staff, that you have, please join us, the Committee, in our effort to ensure the that our school continues to churn out excellent well rounded scholars years after years. Take the opportunity to contribute to improve the welfare of our members and their families through ISKANDARIAN's activities. Take part and come chip a member, be a Committee Member, and lets roll up our sleeves to make Iskandar Shah a school the we can always be proud of and ISKANDARIAN an alumni that is totally ours.

Warmest regards,
Mohar Zainal Abidin, 1979
Blog Admin

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  1. Salam Bro and fellow ISKANDARIAN,
    It is indeed fulfilling to see and hear that the spirit of "esprit de corps" amongst us is forever strong. As indicated by Mohar (Blog Admin) you are welcome to join as member/s, and be a committee member/s and let share your vision, ideas, contributions and comments for the betterment of our School and our members. Some of the present committee members (including yours truly) has been there for many years (not by their choices) as there were no new members especially the young generations to come forward. Thus, we welcome you to this coming AGM.
    On behalf of the Committee Members, I have proposal that "HADIAH KECEMERLANGAN AKADEMIK UNTUK ANAK-ANAK AHLI" be tabled at the AGM for the benefits of members.
    Through Economic Bureau under Sdra Ismail Kamaruddin, we are initiating to gather the list of ISKANDARIAN who are involved in business, so that we could build a database for us, perhaps, to organize networking session, economic seminar or expo etc.. We could also organized "Koperasi Usahawan Iskandarian" taking advantages of the current facilities provided by the government.
    Back to our school, I would like to seek all ISKANDARIANs to think of what can we do together to help improve the standard of our school in all areas, be it in education excellence, sport excellence and also improving the school environment. This could also be done together with PTA and the school administration. Therefore members who are in the Parent Teachers Asso. and perhaps teachers of the school can come forward to share ideas and opinions.
    However, most so your attendance at the coming AGM and Hari Raya Aidilfitri gathering are most welcome.

    Ruslan Zainal Abidin