17 Jun 2018, 10.00pg: Majlis Sambutan Aidilfitri Iskandarian 2018, Dewan Serbaguna SMK Iskandar Shah, Parit. 15 Sep 2018 (TENTATIF), 9pg: Kejohanan Bowling Iskandarian Kali Ke 2, Ampang Superbowl D'Mall Seri Iskandar; 2.45ptg: Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan; 8.00mlm, D'Hotel: Majlis Makan Malam Iskandarian 2018, D'Hotel.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

CLASS REUNION : CLASS OF '73-'78 (Primary)

8 May 2010, Heritage Hotel, Ipoh, Perak - The reunion of Class '73-78 was a much awaited event for many of us.  It was initiated in late 2009 by Nur Junaidah Mohamad, who traced us through the Facebook website.  Soon after, a voluntary organizing committee was set up to see to the reunion.  Additionally , a group was formed known as Ex SR Iskandarian '73-78 on Facebook with 36 members to date.  It became the platform for getting to know each other again after 34 years hiatus.  We were on Facebook for a few months discussing common interests prior to the reunion proper.

Hence, came reunion time, it felt like a homecoming.  In fact, I felt that I had finally come home.  Back to my roots and in touch with whom I once was and many of us shared the same feelings.  We didn't realize how much we had missed each other all these years.  There were twenty eight of us that day and although the number was rather small, it was still a wonderful gathering.

We are the product of our beloved alma mater, Iskandar Shah School, a school that has stood the test of time. As former pupils, we have come a long way and many of us have become successful people in various fields.  Proudly, we can say that because of the dedication and commitment of our former teachers we have become what we are today-lecturers, doctors, bankers, and corporate figures in various sectors.  Looking back, there were neither tuition classes nor the internet to support our learning in those days.  We only had our teachers, parents and friends during our learning process.  Thank you Cikgu Ishak, Cikgu Hassan, Ustazah Rokiah and Cikgu Fatimah for gracing our reunion.  May Allah bestow on you good health and prosperity.

Finally, thank you to the organizing committee for their effort in gathering all the former Iskandarians.  We hope there will be more reunions in the future and perhaps an even a greater number of Iskandarians could turn up.  The time that we spent that evening, although just a fleeting moment, had brought us together again.  As the saying goes, "make new friends, but keep the old, for one is silver and the other is gold"

Written by:
Akmar Bt Aminuddin (Iskandarian Class of '73-'78),
English Language Department, IPG Kampus Pendidikan Islam.

(Note from Editor:  There is no such thing as former Iskandarian.  Once an ISKANDARIAN always an ISKANDARIAN. Further, we encourage ex-students to meet up and share with us your news.)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Gambar-Gambar Majlis Makan Malam Yayasan Tun Hamdan 2010

Gambar-gambar terpilih Majlis Makan Malam Tun Hamdan 2010 pada 25 April 2010 di Kelab Golf DiRaja Perak, Ipoh.

Sila klik gambar Emblem DiRaja untuk melihat gambar dalam album majlis secara online.